aliensattack1 - Introducing the hottest game: Aliens attack (Part 2)Casino Game Reviews 

Introducing the hottest game: Aliens attack (Part 2)

Play button menu 

tai xuong 2 - Introducing the hottest game: Aliens attack (Part 2)

There are only six buttons you can pick from while playing Aliens Attack

Before spinning the spindle, you can press the size of the coin button to adjust the size of the coin, so you can pick between 0.02 and 2. You may also adjust the valuation of the bet above by pressing the bet button on the line. 

The autospin button helps you to rotate the spindle automatically with a preselected amount of times and then need to start spinning once and for all. The line button helps you to adjust the number of rows you choose to use for your game while the maximum bet (betmax) button will help you position the maximum amount possible on your bet before spinning the spindle.

Icons of slot 

In brief, this game has only seven symbols, four out of seven of them are low value symbols, while the other three symbols are high value symbols. Compared to most other slots, Alien Attack does not give wild and bonus icons.

Describe the bonus attribute of the online money making slot game 

The most valuable icons in this slot game are the game icons, spacecraft, blue and purple planets-symbols that seldom appear on the spindle when playing. When the five combinations of each of the symbols listed above are made, a cash prize of 5000x can be won. Alien Attack is not a bonus game (bonus game) 

Feedback on the slot game 

Even though this online money-making casino has a very retro feel with a few special icons, I can still win up to 2,500 coins with a single spin that makes me enjoy this game more than one. Only a little bit. Although the game lacks style, there’s still something special with me. The visuals may not be perfect, but Aliens Attack is simple to play and has a first-time deposit bonus, so for me, Aliens Attack is a fairly satisfying game to play.

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