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The Sicbo experience is easy to win (Part 2)

Adopting Tactics 1324 

The introduction of strategy 1324 is still very successful. 

1 3 2 4 is the odds of a stake equal to each bet. 

You can revert to your initial bet in the case of a defeat or end of game 4. You can only change the 1 3 2 4 bet to balance the 1 2 3 4 round if you win the previous round. In addition, you need to specifically obey the above bet series to make this technique work.

Pair betting is also a simple-to-win Sic Bo experience

One more experience of playing Sicbo is also very easy to win, which we would like to bring to you is the technique of pairing. The benefit of this strategy is the excellent reward ratio of 5-1, a high chance of winning 6-1. It can be said that this is a Sic Bo betting technique used by a lot of people.

Bet balances 9 and 12 

A healthy Sic Bo bet has a lot of interesting points. This is because, with this bet, you’re going to bet on the sum with the highest winning result, when betting on the double. That’s, you’re just wasting 1 money but taking back 4 chances to win. Total 9 and 12 are the two total bets with payouts that are nearest to the chance of winning.

You’re betting

Max bet 9: position 3 bet units 

Double bets 1 and 5: position 2 bet units 

You’re betting 12 

Max bet 12: position 3 bet units 

Double bet 2 and 6: position 2 bet units 

The bet if you win is up to 21 units for the total bet and 22 units for the double bet.

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Above are the super cool Sicbo tips we’ve synthesized from experienced Sicbo players

If you know all these tricks, you’re going to get the money easily from this game. In addition, to find your chance at super cool redemption games, please visit our website right here.

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